• Le 22 mars 2021
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EUniWell – Exploring new territories in academic development: installing “human literacy” into our educational processes (EUniHuLi) Agenda of the 4th Monthly Meeting at the University of Nantes Monday, 22th of March: 2pm to 5pm CET

EUniWell logo CDP 14:00:    Welcome greetings – Isabelle Richard (Vice-President for Europe and International), Sylvie Nail (Co-leader for Nantes WP2), quick round-table - summary of where we are in the project.
14:10    Presentation of the Project “Open Education Resources” (Colin de la Higuera – Chaire Unesco IAEO)
14:30    Presentation of the Project “OPeN Rec” Ecosystem of the recognition of skills in informal systems (Emmanuelle Bousquet (VP Vice-présidente déléguée Culture– Anaïs Philippe-Magdelaine - Mission Entrepreunariat– Mathilde Caillon Direction de la Culture et des Initiatives)
14:50     Presentation of the University and the CDP. Presentation of the project “new associate professor’s career paths and peer support” (Centre de Développement Pédagogique)
15:10     Presentation of the project “ OPeN App” Experimental Learning and the 48 hours project (Anne-Céline Grolleau – Centre de Développement Pédagogique)
15:30 Reflections & Discussion

15:50    Break

16:05     Workpackage 1: Sharing good practices
-    Initiatives descriptions – Which elements ? 
-    Why can we consider that these initiatives contribute to well-being? Criterias
-    How can we share the collection ? 

16:40    Workpackage 2: Four topics may meetings
-    Where are we and which dates ? 

16:45    Workpackage 3 : Nantes meeting ?
16:50    Summary and next steps – April meeting ...