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Workshop "Open your class, your course to the world : what pedagogical issues ?"

ICLON_University_Leiden  Collaboration with the University of Leiden - Workshop led by El Hani Najat - ICLON

18 October from 10am to 12pm online and in English

To register, please send an e-mail to cdp@univ-nantes.fr

Photo_najat Najat el Hani is an educational advisor and trainer at the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching. She advices and trains in the development and practice of higher education for various (inter)national groups. She previously lectured at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Windesheim-Flevoland. Her fields of teaching mainly focus on social work practices, cultural anthropology, human rights, internationalization and qualitative research in higher education.

The international classroom

Najat will provide a two hours online-session on the international classroom. The session will focus on defining the value of international classrooms, including themes like diversity and cultural sensitivity. We will work towards answering the following question: how can you prepare an international setting for future students and lecturers? During the session we define lecturers needs to organize when dealing with global learning experiences. This will be an interactive and contributory part where participants will work in groups, present ideas, tools and discuss opinions and experiences.

Learning outcomes :

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to :  
- describe how to relate their course to an "international" programme and to the courses of their colleagues
- use a variety of active learning techniques to address the "international classroom";
- formulate learning objectives that include intercultural awareness;
- formulate learning objectives that include a diverse and inclusive perspective towards international students
- describe teaching and learning activities that can integrate several interesting tools;
- describe several interesting tools to work with and how to use them effectively.

For further information, please contact us: sandrine.gelly-guichoux@univ-nantes.fr

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